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F.I.S.T. - Flores Institute for Security Training

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Security Training

F.I.S.T. Provides multiple services including Security Training, NRA Courses and First Aid Courses. Learn more about our Services.

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CT (Blue Card) Armed Security Officer

Security personnel, working with firearms in the course of their assigned duties, are required to possess a “Class 1” endorsement on their state permits

Participants have to qualify with the firearm they will be working with during their assigned duties.
*The Conn Gen Statutes require that all Armed Security Officers re-qualify on an annual basis with the firearm that they will be using in the capacity of their employment duties. Documentation of this training must be supplied to the CT State Police / Special Licensing & Firearms Unit.

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Pistol Permit / NRA Basic Pistol Safety Certification

A one day (all day) class that meets the State requirement for pistol permit application. Instructors are NRA Certified. Course fee covers all materials. Participants are encouraged to visit their local Police Departments and get an application form which should be brought to the class for Instructor sign-off.
It is also recommend that participants take our Defense of Justification: Use of Force class. The law does not see ignorance as a defense!

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First Aid Training

The Flores Institute for Security Training is a license training provider and independent company. We provides a responsive and accessible training of the health and safety services in a professional manner to outside corporations, organizations or individuals sustaining and expanding the mission of the American Red Cross by providing instructional programs in accordance with the standards and objectives of the American Red Cross.

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The Flores Institute for Security Training; provides individuals, and security companies alike with the opportunity to have a safe and enhance training environment. We believe the individual security trainee should be mentored, trained and certified in such a manner that he/she is ready to be gainfully employed as a Security Officer or Guard within the security industry.

Jose FloresF.I.S.T.

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The Flores Institute for Security Training in firearms is a "State-Mandated Weapons Certification" required to carry a firearm.

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